Building Your Management Skillset Series (Session 3: Team Recruitment)


As a prevention specialist in a management role, what are the skills and strategies you need to successfully lead a team? This virtual workshop series will focus on the core management and leadership skills for prevention professionals. This series will be directed towards both new and experienced managers, addressing topics including transitioning to a management position, recruitment, conducting performance evaluations, and leading successful meetings. Each session will be interactive with group activities and discussions conducted virtually through Zoom.

Do you remember some of your past job interviews? How did you feel as you proceeded through the selection process? Never underestimate the power of a great job candidate experience and building long-term relationships with people who are excited about your organization, so that you create a pool of talent for current and future job openings. Job applicants sometimes feel like they go through the same interview each time they apply for a job. Same questions, the same interview process. This workshop helps make humans the focus of your recruiting strategy, in addition to the hiring process itself.

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New England PTTC
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