Interrupting Racism Training Level 4 (Day 2)


This training examines the programs, services, and method of delivery that your organization provides. Upon completion of Level 4, participants will have the tools to:

  • Recognize why and how to apply a racial equity mission statement to each project/endeavor
  • Engage in reflective listening with communities of color
  • Recognize policies, practices and program that create barriers to racial equity
  • Identify policies, practices and programs that amplify racial equity in your services
  • Create norms in your services and community engagement that operationalize cultural humility
  • Recognize how your organization’s actions can influence results in various communities
  • Develop guidelines for ethical allyship
  • Creating a model for intersectionality engagement
  • Participants will use a Racial Equity Impact Assessment Tool for developing policies and programs
  • Participants can use the material generated in this training to develop external racial equity strategic goals
Led By
​MA Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services & AdCare Educational Institute, Inc.
Event Type
Resource Topic
Cultural Responsiveness