VIRTUAL: Nicotine Vaping Products: Where Do Things Stand? - 735


Are e-cigarettes and other nicotine vaping products safe to use? Are they safer than smoking combustible cigarettes? What is the treatment approach with people who want to quit vaping? This workshop will review the evolution nicotine vaping products and the latest research on how they impact physical and mental health, including special considerations for youth and for anyone in recovery from other substance use disorders who use these products. We will discuss the public health debate about these products and provide updates on current Federal regulations. The workshop will also outline treatment approaches for nicotine dependence including best practices for assisting youth and adults who want to quit and applying the Stages of Change model and motivational strategies when working with people who are not ready to quit. 

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Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS)
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Evidenced-based Strategies and Programs