TASK 3: Establish Outcomes for Each Strategy

For each selected strategy, you will need to establish measurable outcomes. Identify the intervening variable(s) being addressed, indicate the strategy, and list the anticipated outcomes: short-term (the change in the target group who received your strategy), intermediate (the change in the intervening variable), and long-term (the ultimate impact of the strategy on the issue identified in your problem statement).


  • Intervening variables: Poor parental monitoring and supervision of children, lack of clear parental disapproval of substance misuse and abuse
  • Strategy: Communication campaign aimed at reaching 90% of parents of eighth grade students with information on the importance of communicating the harms of alcohol use to their children
  • Outcomes:
    • Short-term: Parents of eighth grade students believe that alcohol use is harmful for youth
    • Intermediate: Parents of eighth-graders clearly communicate disapproval of alcohol use to their children
    • Long-term: Decreased rates of alcohol use among eighth grade youth
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