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Grantees We Serve

Below you will find two graphic displays of the substance misuse grantees we serve funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS). One is an interactive Google map that allows you to filter by grantee type and the other being static map images that display the geographic reach of the communities funded by BSAS.

Filter by Grantee Type

Click on any or all of the check boxes below to show the grantees we serve by cohort (MassCALL3A, MassCALL3B, MassCALL3C, and Prevention in Early Childhood). It acts like a Google map allowing you to zoom in or out using the + or – buttons in the top left of the map and you can click and drag on the map to move it around to different regions of the state. You can click on any of the grantee pins on the map to view the type of grant, any cluster communities they collaborate with, and their website.

BSAS Prevention Grantee Maps

Below are the maps that illustrate the geographic reach of the MassCALL3 prevention grantees, SOR-PEC and OD2A grantees, and all of the funded communities combined.

compilation of text and maps


compilation of text and maps


compilation of text and maps