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Angelica Giardina

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Associate Project Director

Angelica Giardina brings extensive experience leading teams and operations for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Angelica is a highly versatile and dynamic professional with a strong track record in optimizing organizational efficiency and harnessing technology to tackle business challenges. Her diverse skill set encompasses strategic planning, budget management, technology architecture, vendor relations, process enhancement, resource allocation, and leadership. A highly skilled project manager, Giardina specializes in developing and sustaining effective systems to advance the objectives of complex, mission-driven initiatives. She also possesses extensive experience in marketing operations, event planning, and project management, ensuring streamlined operations and efficient resource management for sustainable success across projects and budgets of all sizes. They are deeply committed to achieving equity of opportunity for systemically marginalized communities. Giardina heads up technology solutions and operations management for EDC’s Center for Strategic Prevention Support and Strategic Prevention Technical Assistance Center. She also contributes to the success of other EDC health- and behavioral health-focused initiatives. Prior to joining EDC, Giardina spearheaded information technology and operations for a national education nonprofit and held managerial positions for several large retail companies.