New England PTTC Project ECHO: Prevention in the Era of Commercial Cannabis - Environmental and Policy Approaches to Cannabis Prevention


The landscape of cannabis prevention has changed dramatically as states across the country continue to pass laws decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis possession and establishing commercial markets for cannabis. In New England, all states allow medical use of cannabis while Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont also allow adult use. Substance misuse prevention professionals must be able to adjust their approach to cannabis prevention to adapt to changing public perception of cannabis, respond to changing policies, and be aware of new products and trends in cannabis use and misuse across the lifespan. Through this New England PTTC Project ECHO, we will seek to provide support and education for substance misuse prevention professionals to address the changing landscape of cannabis prevention in their state and communities.  The overall goals of this ECHO are to increase use of evidence-based approaches to cannabis prevention, policy and communication in New England.

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New England PTTC
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Evidenced-based Strategies and Programs