A Responsive Framework of Care for Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Health Challenges


This five-part training series is a follow-up to a recent webinar conducted by Alan Vietze and Bill Reay focused on serving children and youth with emotional and behavioral health challenges. In this five-part series, participants will delve in more depth into the key aspects of a responsive framework to effectively care for this population of children and youth. The series will cover:

  • the initial steps to fully understand the population of children and youth and their needs which will include cluster analysis and clinical constellations;
  • examining this information in partnership with youth, parents, and other key stakeholders to develop interventions/programs based on the findings;
  • funding and infrastructure;
  • and examining out-of-home treatment and developing what is needed.
Led By
Alan Vietze and Bill Reay
Resource Type
Resource Topic
Coalition Building and Development