VIRTUAL: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Level 3


This advanced training is essential for those in leadership, supervisory, and decision-making positions who are interested in solutions for amplifying diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in employment practices. This training addresses practices related to race, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, gender, and disability.

Topics include:

  • DEI employment mission statements
  • Hiring practices and policies to amplify diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Structural practices embedded with bias including salaries and job titles
  • HR policy barriers and amplifiers of DEI
  • Workplace culture: cultural humility and practices of micro and macro-inclusion
  • Supervisory practices that can make or break diversity
  • Mentorship, placement and paths to leadership
  • Accessibility practices to ensure equity and inclusion
  • Tools for developing effective diversity committees
  • Assessments for identifying diversity strengths and gaps
  • Utilizing a DEI Impact Assessment Tool for decision making
  • Creating a diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility strategic plan
Led By
Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS)
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