TASK 1: Determine the Needed Organizational Infrastructure

Building capacity means paying attention to the organizational infrastructure needed to plan, implement, evaluate, and sustain your intervention. Five factors are key to both organizational infrastructure development and sustainability:32

  • Creating and strengthening administrative structures and formal linkages among all organizations and systems involved
  • Encouraging champion (people who speak about and promote the strategies in the community) and leadership roles for multiple supporters across organizations and systems, and making sure that these roles are distributed across different ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, and other community subpopulations
  • Making plans to ensure that adequate funding, staffing, TA, and materials will be in place as needed
  • Developing administrative policies and procedures that support your prevention strategies and send a clear message about the desirability of and expectations for sustaining efforts
  • Building and maintaining community and practitioner expertise in several areas, such as effective prevention, needs assessment, logic model construction, selection and implementation of evidence-based programs, fidelity and adaptation, evaluation, and cultural competence
SAPC Planning Tool